Northside Harvest’s 1st Worship Service

How we praise the Lord for each of you who prayed for Northside Harvest’s 1st Worship Service.  The Lord blessed with three unchurched families. For this reason, Pastor Sidney preached the Gospel Message. Two of those unchurched families expressed to us that they will come back next week; so, please continue to pray…. Also, to our surprise, after my wife’s parents arrived, two Christian families also came to encourage and to express their support for the new work. All in all, 22 of us were gathered today for the 1st Worship Service of Northside Harvest.  

How we greatly praise the Lord for Who He is and how He has answered the prayers of His people. Again, to each of you who have supported us in prayer, we extend, from our hearts, our gratitude. The Lord bless each of you and to God be the glory!

Above are the 21 + Anna taking the picture = 22 🙂

On a Side Note:

Saturday evening before Northside Harvest’s 1st Worship Service, our family van was loaded with the keyboard, hymnbook, “pulpit” (a portable conductor stand), flowers, signboard, coffee maker with coffee, cups, sugar, creamer and spoons, table covers, bulletins, tracts (gasp) . . . and little Kathleen (just kidding).

Little Kathleen (who turns two this week) actually woke up naming each of the wonderful ladies that cared for her at Sunrise Valley’s Nursery (our sending church). Somehow, she knew it was Sunday morning.  Just after the service today, with Daddy and Mommy occupied, she actually suffered a little cut and bump on the head. Thankfully, she is okay, but how dearly she must miss the wonderful ladies of Sunrise Valley Baptist Church!


3 thoughts on “Northside Harvest’s 1st Worship Service

  1. John and Connie Daly September 5, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    What a Blessing to see your Website up and running already, just like you dear friends in Christ. Tell Kathleen I send a kiss for her booboo on the forehead. We miss you all but know you are doing Gods Work. We will Pray for you and the Church. Love to all, Mr. John and Mrs Connie

  2. Pastor Basil Elimanco September 7, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    I rejoiced with you! keep on keeping on!……….count our prayers and let it be that God will add more souls in your ministry. more power and may God richly bless you.

  3. Laura Kannon September 8, 2011 at 8:27 AM

    So glad to hear about your 1st service-Praise the Lord. We will keep your family and your church in our prayers. And we hope Kathleen will be all better soon-please give her our birthday wishes! Love to you all!

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