We are a budding group where you will be most welcomed! It is a great place to interact, find needed encouragement and most importantly, know God more deeply and personally.

Dress during services may vary, as visitors may come from different walks of life or background.  Our focus is not on the outward appearance. Our simple and deep desire is for you to come hear God’s Word–God’s message to you!

Come join us– a growing and loving community of imperfect people saved by the grace of God!

Sunday Mornings

On most Sundays, we meet at the Milpitas Community Center. On occasion, we gather in a home where we share lunch together to build friendships.  It is easy to check for venue by emailing us at info@northsideharvest.org or by simply calling or texting us at 408-890-9875.

Our Sunday service begins at 10:30AM with Bible reading, prayer, singing, and preaching, followed by fellowship until about 12:30PM when members start clean-up of the venue by 1:00 PM. Children may join in the service or join our children for time together in the Word and with each other. We believe that building relationships is vital for all ages.

During our Sunday service, we sing songs that exalt and turn us towards God and which teach biblical truths. Preaching is by exposition of Scripture passages. The original meaning of the text is explained in context, together with how it applies in our lives today.

At the conclusion of our time, our prayer is that you will stay to ask questions or to simply get to know our members who are eager to speak with you!  We have a guestbook we hope you will sign and complete, letting us know if we may have your permission to contact you.

Weekday Services

  • Home Bible Studies
    Contact us us today to join an existing Bible Study group or to start a new one!  We offer a Bible Study series that takes you through the Bible chronologically. Whether in person or online, we would be very happy to come alongside you in your search for the truth or in your deepening your knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Home Visitation – Contact us for a visit!  Whether you are looking for a home church or wanting to know more about who we are and what we believe, we’ll be glad to meet with you at your home or another convenient location.
  • Counseling and Prayer– We offer prayer and free biblical counseling.  There are times in life when each of us just need someone to come alongside to guide, help or encourage us.  Contact us to receive a copy of our counseling policy.